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SMD Group

We're a print & brand management company dedicated to helping businesses flourish in the digital age.

Our core sectors of expertise include print media, brand management, logistics, and CRM sales consultation.

Since our inception, SMD Print Group has been totally focused on building one to one business relationships.

SMD Group started as a small print shop out in Ottawa, but ever since its acquisition in 2015, the business has expanded into Wide Format, Fulfillment & Logistics, Lifestyle, Media & Food Coverage, CRM Integration, and Brand Management. At our core, we're still a print organization priding ourselves on our attention to detail and achieving an enviable standard of excellence.

Having the right product & service isn't the entire solution - the exceptional quality work we produce is backed up by our team of qualified and innovative professionals who will take your vision and turn it into reality. Our passion is to solve your problems and create more value for your organization through the consistent delivery of our promises.

When you have a discussion with our eclectic thinkers, you'll see why your valuable time was well spent. Speak to one of us to find out what the SMD Group of Companies can do for you today.


At SMD Print Group (Solutions Made Direct), we aim to provide ...

COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTION - Our mandate is to provide you with products, and services that you actually need, and never to oversell. Transparency and long-term working relationships are what we strive towards.

DATA HARMONIZATION - All data pertaining to you is stored on the cloud, making it more efficient with every meeting. Our software monitors all of your organization's preferences and ensures everyone in SMD Group is connected to you right down to the delivery man.

RESPONSE RATES - We're always looking for ways to generate and maximize your response rate for every project you consign to us. After all, the product means little when the action at the end is absent.

SOCIAL BUSINESS - Our philosophy is that business has gone social, and we will strive to develop an amicable relationship with your organization. Expect meeting and follow-up when you require them, and not calls after calls every day.

BECOME A SHIPPING EXPERT - You can become a shipping expert with our easy to use shipping online platform. Fully track any projects that come out of our facilities. If you're hands-on, easily create shipments, track, and schedule pickups/deliveries all online.

TIME MANAGMENT - Gain back control of your day and let us take the notes down on what you want done each time. Go ahead, and ask us what we corresponded about five months ago.

PRINT MEDIA EXPERTS - We understand print, and what mediums are best suited for your end-use application. You will be accustomed to traditional mediums, but be prepared for some best practices on innovation from our eclectic thinkers.

IT EXPERTS - Leveraging new mediums into a mature industry is fundamental to us. Expect to chat with us on WhatsApp or real-time proof using Cisco platforms during creative projects.


The faster we move forward, it becomes even more critical to look back and never forget who we are and never forget where we came from. When I started this company, I had a mission, and that mission was to build a social enterprise that would connect businesses together seamlessly.

Everything is connected today, and the digital age has changed the way that we communicate altogether. We like to administer the traditional art of sales while leveraging cloud technologies to create dynamic one to one business relationship like no other in the market place.

My mission is to deliver products & services in real-time that are in harmony with the feeling, and culture of your organization. Everyone can now come access the journey that SMD Group is on, and I welcome you to take the first step into our social enterprise where solutions are made direct.


JJ Lam


The heart of our business.

J. J. Lam

Managing Partner/Logistics

Micheal Ly


Sandra L


Marty Fischer


Alexa Kuo

Graphic Design Consultant

Benjamin Goslin

I.T Consultant

Jordan Patterson

Business Development

Brian Cooper

Marketing Consultant

We offer envelopes, presentation folders, signs & flags, logistic (shipping) solutions, graphic designs, website designs, social media, and marketing materials.

SMD Group works with local, national, and international brands ranging from food, non-profit, PR agencies, cannabis, realty, tech, and more. We aim to build collaborative partnerships with our clients.



Let's chat! Fill out the form below, and let's figure out what kind of brand management SMD Group can help you with!


If you are not completely satisfied with the print products you purchase from SMD Group, you may return them for a credit or refund. Customer must notify SMD GROUP OF COMPANIES within 15 business days of order acceptance to notify any defects discovered in the ordered product or the claim will be denied. In order to receive a replacement or FULL refund, the customer must return 100% (all) of the received product within 30 days (we will send you a courtesy shipping label) from the time when the ordered product delivery was taken. For more information on our policy, please ask the representative assigned to your print order. Thank you.

Any cancellation or compensation given to the customer will be refunded in a timely manner. Please allow up to 15 business days for the funds to be credited to your account.


We serve the Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa, Charlottetown, Calgary areas.


Monday to Friday: 9-5 pm
Saturday: Closed
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